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      1001 Tom Williams Way
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Have a question about your Lexus navigation system, personalized settings, Bluetooth and pairing your phone, linking your garage doors or any other technology related question about your Lexus?

Tom Williams Lexus provides all Lexus customers with trained Lexus Technology Specialist (LTS) for all of your technical questions with your Lexus. Dedicated to helping you understand the latest technology in your vehicle, call upon our Lexus Technology Specialists for a personal consultation so you can fully enjoy all the advanced technological features of your Lexus that are part of the benefits and advantages of Lexus ownership.


The dealership's Lexus Technology Specialists is your personal source for understanding the ins-and-outs of the technology that is literally at your fingertips or on the tip of your tongue with the numerous voice-activated commands available on many models.

Full of information and tips on accessing all the advanced features and functions of your vehicle, our Lexus Technology Specialists are available the moment you first take delivery of your Lexus, whenever a question arises or simply any time that is convenient for you to make an appointment or visit the dealership. Once you have set up your VIP Technology Session set up all you need to do is come in and ask the receptionist to inform our team you have arrived to get started exploring your Lexus.



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